International Conference: Presented at APCOT 2024 – Two M2 students and Yamane (Invited) presented.

3 presentations were given by our laboratory at APCOT 2024 (11th Asia-Pacific Conference of Transducers and Micro-Nano Technology) held on June 23-26, 2024.
Date:June 23-26, 2024
Place:National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore

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Author:Daisuke Yamane
Title:Integrating MEMS and Self-Assembled Electrets

General Presentation
Author:Kyosuke Tokuno, Toshiki Sono, Yuya Tanaka and Daisuke Yamane
Title:An Equivalent Circuit Model for In-Plane SAE-MEMS Vibrational Energy Harvesters

General Presentation
Author:Takuto Nakanishi, Ryo Nakashima, Yuji Wada, Cheng-Yao Lo, Kentaro Nakamura, Heeyoung Lee, Yosuke Mizuno, and Daisuke Yamane
Title:Enhanced Stress Distributions in Micro Dry-Etched Perfluorinated Polymer Optical Fibers

Presentation by Tokuno
Presentation by Nakanishi
Presentation by Yamane