Smart Micromechatro Systems

In the field of micro mechatronics, MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) and micromachine technology have been used to create microscopic multifunctional devices, which are already around your everyday life. For example, various micro mechatronic devices (inertial sensors, microphones, micro-mirrors, etc.) are used in smartphones, automobiles, home appliances, etc.

Our research focuses on the development of micro-sensors/actuators/energy harvesters with “smart” functions. With such a function, the devices would autonomously respond to changes in the environment, especially for the future CPS (cyber-physical systems) era where people, things, and society are seamlessly connected. The research is an interdisciplinary activity that creates new values by the flexible integration of many different fields of technology, such as mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, nano/micro science, material science, informatics, etc.

As a manufacturing environment, we can use the world-leading nano/micro experimental equipment in Ritsumeikan University to design nano/micro worlds that are invisible to the naked eyes and develop novel devices and their application technologies.

We are also promoting joint research with researchers in Japan and overseas, so you can experience global work during your undergraduate or graduate school days.

Students who like/are interested in research/MEMS/micromachines, those who are considering a lab for undergraduate/graduate research can consult with the PI and take a lab tour at any time. We also welcome students from other departments/universities and researchers from companies interested in academia.
⇒PI:Daisuke Yamane (e-mail: dyamane (at) ← change ”(at)” to ”@”)

Research Topics

  • MEMS Energy Harvester
  • MEMS Physical Sensor
As of Oct. 2023