To those who are about to be assigned to labs for undergraduate researches

Thank you for visiting this website.
There are many attractive and diverse labs in the department of mechanical engineering of Rits Univ, so you may be wondering where to go for your thesis activities. In particular, this lab is a new one established in April 2020, so we will show you some management policies of the lab in a Q&A format so that we can answer your questions as much as possible.

About faculty and lab life

  • What is the faculty career? 
    Please see the faculty member page.
  • What is the future vision of the lab? 
    To be a research hub for MEMS and micro-mechatronics and also be a lab that is comfortable for students who work hard on research.
  • What are the specifications of the lab? 
    Individual PC, workspace (desk and chair) will be provided for each student. If you would like to know the student rooms, please feel free to contact the PI.
  • Does the lab have core time? 
    No core time.
  • Is it okay to do a part-time job? 
    No restrictions on part-time jobs as long as your research is not adversely affected.
  • How to exchange information in the lab? 
    Slack communications and on-line video meetings are held on a daily basis.
  • Is there any lab event? 
    We would like to discuss with you various get-togethers and lab trips.
    *FY2020-2022: Due to the spread of the coronavirus, we have refrained from face-to-face events.
  • What is the career path after graduation? 
    So far, everyone has entered the master’s program.

About research activities

  • What is the meeting schedule? 
    Lecture & Seminar (from April to July) :
    Once a week, we hold a journal club where we freely discuss the related technology using papers/books or the faculty gives a lecture on basic matters related to MEMS.
    *Currently, every meeting is held online due to COVID-19.
    Research meeting :
    Flexibly adjusted according to the progress of your research. There are more opportunities to have meetings for each research topic rather than to get together with all the members.
  • How to decide the research subject? 
    The faculty will present some candidates, but everyone’s suggestions are highly welcome. Depending on your field of expertise and interests, we will consult with you and ask you to decide on your research theme.
  • Any prior knowledge about research is necessary? 
    Not required.
  • Any joint research? 
    We have collaboration researches with other labs/companies in Japan and overseas.
  • Any chance to present at conferences? 
    We support students to actively present their research results, both domestically and internationally.