Published a paper on self-assembled electrets for MEMS applications in Sensors and Materials

Title:Observation of Surface Potential of Micropatterned Self-assembled Electrets for MEMS Vibrational Energy Harvesters
Journal:Sensors and Materials, vol. ●●, no.●(●), pp. ●●-●● (accepted May 11, 2023).
Authors:Daisuke Yamane, Kosuke Kawashima, Reiki Sugimoto, Ruichen Li, Hideyuki Kayaguchi, Keisuke Kurihara, Hisao Ishii, and Yuya Tanaka
DOI: ●●

We have successfully measured and evaluated the surface potential and shape of micropatterned self-assembled electrets.
Potential applications include MEMS energy harvesters (ultra-compact power generation devices).
This is the result of joint research with Ritsumeikan University, Gunma University, and Chiba University.