Domestic Conference: Two master students and two undergraduate students from our lab presented at the 39th Sensor Symposium and the 13th Micro/Nano Engineering Symposium.

Mr. Tamura, a second-year master student, Mr. Sugimoto, a first-year master student, and Mr. Nakajima and Mr. Li, fourth-year undergraduate students, presented their research results at the 39th Symposium on Sensors, Micromachines and Applied Systems and the 13th Micro/Nano Engineering Symposium, which were held simultaneously on November 14-16, 2022.

Date:Nov. 14-16, 2022
Place:Asty Tokushima (Tokushima Prefectural Industrial Tourism Exchange Center), Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture, Japan

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①General, Poster Presentation (11/14)
Author:Kentaro Tamura, Keigo Nota, Ryuta Iwakawa, Kazumoto Miwa, Shimpei Ono and Daisuke Yamane
Title:Proposal and Demonstration of a Non-contact Vibration Energy Harvester using Electric Double Layer Electrets

②General, Poster Presentation (11/15)
Author:Ryo Nakashima, Takuto Nakanishi, Heeyoung Lee, Yosuke Mizuno, and Daisuke Yamane
Title:A Study on POF Dry Etching Technology

③General, Poster Presentation (11/15)
Author:Reiki Sugimoto, Ruichen Li, Kosuke Kawashima, Yuya Tanaka, and Daisuke Yamane
Title:A Study of MEMS Vibration Energy Harvesters  using Self-Assembled Electrets for Increasing Output Power 

④General, Poster Presentation (11/16)
Author:Ruichen Li, Reiki Sugimoto, Kosuke Kawashima, Yuya Tanaka, and Daisuke Yamane
Title:A study on three-dimensional electric field characteristics of self-assembled electrets