International Conference: Yamane presented at PowerMEMS 2022

A presentation was given by Yamane at PowerMEMS2022(The 21st International Conference on Micro and Nanotechnology for Power Generation and Energy Conversion Applications)held on December 12-15, 2022.
Date:Dec. 14, 2022
Place:Utah University, Salt Lake City, UTAH, USA

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General (LateNews), Short Presentation + Poster Presentation
Author:Kosuke Kawashima, Reiki Sugimoto, Ruichen Li, Hideyuki Kayaguchi, Keisuke Kurihara, Hisao Ishii, Yuya Tanaka, and Daisuke Yamane
Title:Direct Measurement of the Surface Potential of Micro-Patterned Self-Assembled Electrets for MEMS Vibrational Energy Harvesters