Two master students (M1) from our lab gave presentations at a domestic conference (Mechanical Engineering Congress, 2022 Japan (MECJ-22))

Mr. Noda and Mr. Sugimoto, first-year master’s students in our lab, presented their research results at the 2022 annual meeting of Mechanical Engineering Congress, 2022 Japan (MECJ-22) held on September 14, 2022.
Date & Time:Sept. 14, 2022
Place:Gofuku Campus, Toyama University

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①Oral Presentation by Keigo Nota
Author:Keigo Nota, Ryuta Iwakawa, Kentaro Tamura, Kazumoto Miwa, Shimpei Ono, Daisuke Yamane
Title:Non-Contact Out-of-Plane Vibration Energy Harvesting with Electric Double Layer Electrets

②Poster Presentation by Reiki Sugimoto
Author:Reiki Sugimoto, Kosuke Kawashima, Li Ruichen, Yuya Tanaka, Daisuke Yamane
Title:A Study of the Power Generation Characteristics of SAE-MEMS Vibration Energy Harvesters