Two of our lab members (a B4 graduate student and an M1 master student) presented at a domestic conference (13th Workshop on Integrated MEMS Technology Research)

Mr. Nakanishi, a fourth-year undergraduate student, and Mr. Sugimoto, a first-year master’s student, presented their research (short oral presentation and poster presentation) at the 13th Workshop on Integrated MEMS Technology (organized by the Society of Applied Physics of Japan), which was held on August 3, 2022, as a hybrid (face-to-face + real-time Zoom streaming).
Date & Time:Aug. 3, 2022
Place:TAIYO YUDEN Mobile Technology Co., Ltd. at Ome, Tokyo + Web (Zoom)
Conference:13th Workshop on Integrated MEMS Technology Research(第13回集積化MEMS技術研究ワークショップ)

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①Presented by Takuto Nakanishi
Author:Takuto Nakanishi, Ryo Nakajima, Heeyoung Lee, Yosuke Mizuno, Daisuke Yamane
Title:A Study on Reinforcing Layer Etching of Plastic Optical Fibers

②Presented by Reiki Sugimoto
Author:Reiki Sugimoto, Kosuke Kawashima, Ruichen Li, Yuya Tanaka, Daisuke Yamane
Title: A Study of Analytical Modeling of SAE-MEMS Vibration Energy Harvesters