“Smart Mechatronics for Energy Harvesting,” a special issue of Sensors and Materials edited by Daisuke Yamane, is now available.

Title: Special Issue on Smart Mechatronics for Energy Harvesting
Journal: Sensors and Materials, vol. 34, no.5(3), May 24, 2022.
Guest Editor: Daisuke Yamane (Ristumeikan University)
Journal URL: https://myukk.org/
Preface: preface_34-5-3.pdf (myu-group.co.jp)

We invited papers on materials, devices, electronic circuits, systems, and application technologies on smart mechatronics technologies for energy harvesters, and seven regular papers have been accepted after rigorous peer reviews. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to the authors of the papers, the reviewers, and the publisher.