Published a paper in Applied Physics Letters & Joint press release (Ritsumeikan University, Chiba University, JST)

Title:MEMS post-processed self-assembled electret for vibratory energy harvesters
Journal:Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 119, 254102, Dec. 20, 2021.
Authors:D. Yamane, H. Kayaguchi, K. Kawashima, H. Ishii, and Y. Tanaka

We have developed an electret-type MEMS environmental vibration energy harvester that does not require electret charging processing. This is the result of joint research between Ritsumeikan University and Chiba University.

Ritsumeikan University made a joint press release with Chiba University and JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency) on the research results of MEMS vibration energy harvester published in Applied Physics Letters.
・Ritsumeikan University (Main Source)
荷電処理不要のエレクトレット型MEMS環境振動発電素子を開発 |立命館大学 (
・Chiba University
荷電処理不要のエレクトレット型MEMS環境振動発電素子を開発-無線IoT端末の自立電源として期待-|ニュース・イベント情報|国立大学法人 千葉大学|Chiba University (
・JST( Japan Science and Technology Agency )
共同発表:荷電処理不要のエレクトレット型MEMS環境振動発電素子を開発~無線IoT端末の自立電源として期待~ (